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Written by Richale R. Reed

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The truth is that people are seeking to be inspired and I am taken aback by how far away they think inspiration and mentorship is. Are you connected to a person who has defied the odds of a broken home, poverty, divorce, abuse, rejection, and all sorts of trauma? Have they tried to reach you but you ignored their message? These are tangible opportunities to help you grow but you are reaching for air somewhere far far away. You do not have to search the internet or travel cross country for stories of folks who have improved their mental, physical, or financial situation. These extraordinary people are near you they come in all sizes, race, faiths, and backgrounds... seek out those divine connections then submit to listening and learning so that you be inspired while becoming an inspiration for someone else near and dear to you. My challenge to you...stop posting pictures and stories of the SUCCESS of others...submit to local leadership with a proven record of wisdom and success in the area that you are seeking growth and do the work to be ONE! Your so close...

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