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About Richale R. Reed MA, LPC, LCAS

Richale’s more than a Licensed Therapist, Speaker, Author, and Certified Personal Coach & Reiki Practicioner, she's a Lifework Specialist with more than 20+ years of navigating through her own life’s storms. From childhood trauma, addiction, and poverty, to the effects of mental illness, academic & business failures to business success; Richale has overcome in a celebratory fashion. Witnessing her own transformation has equipped Richale to coach thousands in getting UNSTUCK in the areas of both personal and professional development. Richale uniquely takes expertise from therapy to grow and mature your leaders. Additionally, Richale will support your organization creating an atmosphere conducive for your leaders to grow and thrive in!

Richale has a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling. She’s licensed as a Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Specialist, & CEO of CatteRRRflies Lifework, private practice. Richale currently serves as Lead Therapist for one of the leading detox and crisis facilities in North Carolina where she loves what she, “gets to do!”

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